Are Ozone Air Purifiers Safe?

This is probably the most asked question about air purifiers, since many of them work by producing Ozone to purify the air we breathe inside the home. So, are ozone air purifiers safe? In a word – yes. While you’ll find contradicting information, especially on the internet, the EPA does in fact confirm that excessive exposure to Ozone can be hazardous to our health. With that being said, however, there isn’t an air purifier machine I know of capable of reaching this level.

Ozone MoleculeOzone is simply an oxygen molecule (O2) with a third oxygen atom bonded to it. While that doesn’t sound too bad at first glance, While oxygen itself is fairly stable, the third attached atom isn’t and can become electrically charged. The “free radical” oxygen atoms can hurt the lungs because of the excess energy. In really bad cases, it’s said to cause lung cancer. For those with asthma, it can get worse with excessive exposure to high ozone levels.

Now that I’m done scaring you, a typical home air purifier cannot produce these dangerously high levels of ozone. The more agressive ozone producers might put a trace of ozone smell in the air, but it’s not an amount that could harm you. If this were the case, Ozone purifiers wouldn’t even be on the market and I wouldn’t be sleeping very well with the stuffy nose that my Alpine air purifier keeps clear at night.

So why even use Ozone? Well, since it’s unstable (we just talked about this) it does a wonderful job combining with potentially harmful air particles and helps to trap them inside the air purifier or they end up sticking to the floor and walls of your home (not so good, but better than breathing them in – plus you do mop your floors don’t you?).

At any rate, air purifiers are in high demand – especially the living series. They’re pricey because they work. I highly recommend a living air purifier from Alpine, because I’ve used them for years and I trust the brand and the technology behind it. I wish you the best of luck with whatever air purifying unit you decide to use, and hope that you can sleep as well at night as I do.