Whole House Air Purifier

Did you know that according to the EPA indoor air pollution is considered to be one of the top five environmental health risks? It is hard to imagine that the air that we breathe inside of our home could be filled with harmful pollutants that are able to aggravate respiratory systems or even cause them. In some homes the air can be as much as one hundred times worse than the air we breathe outside.

This is a problem that many families are facing and in an effort to try to protect themselves and their children they are in search for a purifier that will not just clean one room in the house – but all of them. One of the most effective purifiers that you are able to purchase are whole house air purifiers.

These particular type of air purifiers are installed by the contractor who does your heating and cooling. It is effective at removing pet dander, odors, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, and smoke. This gives people the ability to live in peace with the pets that they have – but would hate to give up and to also control and treat the symptoms of asthma or even allergies.

How Does It Work

This whole house air purifier is installed into the central heating and cooling system in your home where it cannot be heard or even seen. Anytime that the system is cooling off or heating up your home it is also removing all of the impurities from the air through its filtration system.

The clean air is then pushed out through the duct work that is all around the home. Unlike many of the smaller air purifiers that only work to clean one or two rooms – this type is easy to maintain and only needs maintenance every one to two years.